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There's no other way to put it - a booming private health-care market awaits entrepreneurs, who have access to the full support of GEM’s business model to ensure success is within their reach. 

A thorough training schedule and mentorship program assists new business owners during  their first year of operations.


“I didn’t know I wanted to be an entrepreneur until I became one. I took that leap of faith and that allowed me to figure out that GEM is exactly what I should be doing.” GEM founder Gaye Moffet  

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Full support of GEM's business model

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Franchising with GEM gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to start their own private home health care services company with the backing of GEM’s successful franchise model and recognized brand name. This means that entrepreneurs will be able to reap the benefits of an established business while simultaneously starting their own. 

GEM is ISO certified, giving it access to institutional staff relief contracts contracts with the provincial government through the Local Health Integration Network. This means that franchisees will be able to provide staffing to hospitals and long-term care facilities in addition to home health care services, essentially allowing entrepreneurs instant access to a realm of business unattainable without GEM’s corporate guidance.


Projected annualized rate of growth of Canada’s elderly population through to 2023


Industry revenues in 2018

Canada’s aging population is increasing demand for health-care services.

But does this demographic shift open actual business opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors?

Market research firm IBISWorld recently crunched the numbers on the demand, supply and outlook for homecare providers in Canada.

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Number of Canadians receiving some form of home care in 2012